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More About Us

Who Am I

What are we?

We are a fashion, textiles and interior designer; work in conjunction with hair and beauty salon

We empowering a people’s life styles and offer them something new by created and provide new inspiration from design to beauty cares.

Our mission is to embrace men and women by offering them our service and sell a unique digital print and product to enhance new look and change they affiliation in the world of beauty and design.

What we do ?


K La belletextiles world; is not only a scarf business we also do in retailing and personal styling. In fashion and textiles, we used a digital camera to take a natural source of inspirations from nature to create wonderful handmade design and digitally developed into a professional finishing product. The result depend of the demand.  We can work from any surface print to a 3D design/promotion and leaflets

# We produce and engage men and women to take interest from concept to delivery.

# We use a social trend, a unique storytelling topic from media to a personal lifestyles, colours trends to formulated a unique look.

In Beauty, we work to change lady look from head to a toes. Our passion is to help people feel confident by offering them our service in hair and skin care. We also take the opportunity as an independent beauty consultant to offer them advice on skin care, hair and Makeup products…



Coming from a fashion Designer background family;

My Mother Kamdem Mary was the bigger fashion designer in the city.

Taking an influence of a natural design and from my mum;

 My parent decide to support me in my education till the end of my French study.


I Immigrated in England with French degree in fashion and textiles and technology,

with 2year experience in fashion industries in my country (Cameroon), despised the culture chock that I was experience in England!

 Living an unrespecting life that I have not choose to leave??

As a single mum of two lovely children’s, I have decide to do something with myself and not let one off my personal life haunt me down……

While I was helping others immigrant feel home???

Working with one of my local charity was one of the greatest thing’s that give me a strand to lift myself up. I was quickly adapted to the culture that I now love very well despite the multiples climates changes.

 I decided to study again when I realise that the system was different after a 6month training in start-up business and L2 studies in customer service! I knew that I need to start all over with my education.

After a 7year of studies I finally have my degree

In fashion and textiles.

I have grown so fast while I was raising two kids as a single mum.

Proud of my hard work, the journey was not easy as I was having a high court problem and study at the same time.

 I was diagnose as a disable however, I have not let it put me down as I was determine to show my kids the way to grow in life. Proud of my determination, I can now work and offering my services to a great and sensational clients that really believe in my product and to those that have doubt could offer them a challenge to alter, created a perfection base on they need.

My motivation Is God power;

I believe in empowering others, be passion, creative, consistency, freedom, loyalty, role model and malty cultural influence and inspire others…

K AfroBeauty world

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La belle textiles is not only a scarf business we also do retailing and personal styling and to create wonderful outfits for every occasion. We generally take someone inspiration and dreams and turn them into reality.

 The head designer Yolande Kamdem loves to create and design clothing’s and scarfs fit for any occasion. She has had a degree in not only French design but a master degree in textiles and fashion. Please contact her below for any clothing and style needed for retailing.    

Not only do we do styling and fashion we also do home offer for example 'cushion covers, curtains etc.’ Below you can call our company for any orders and for additional offers such as 'retailing and styling ' also home offers. We aim to please the customers and give the customers satisfactions in everything we do here in la belle textiles.